"Thank God for the Almeida." Ralph Fiennes, actor 

"It’s not hard to see why the Almeida is so many people’s favourite theatre - its challenging repertoire, its high-powered production standards, its ability to attract major actors and the raffish allure of the building itself have combined to deliver triumph after triumph. It’s a great place to work in, and a great place to be part of the audience." Nicholas Hytner, director 

"The Almeida is a very exciting theatre to work in. It’s a great space which carries a unique theatrical buzz. We’re lucky to have it." Harold Pinter, playwright 

"The most interesting theatrical space in London." Jonathan Miller, director 

"Again and again actors, directors and designers return to work at the Almeida. The pay is Equity minimum and the conditions backstage are basic. So why are we there? Quite simply because the work comes first." Diana Rigg, actress 

"People who experience the Almeida’s ambience and enthusiasm and dedication want to work there. You want to work where you can be happy. The Almeida allows stars to step off the celebrity treadmill." Edward Albee, playwright 

"The Almeida is the most exhilarating small theatre in London, because here the classics are presented with absolute integrity; the audience knows the difference, and responds…. Little has given me as much fun in the theatre as the realization of the line of classic European plays the Almeida has asked me to adapt in the last fifteen years." David Hare, playwright 

"I have been in this business for 60 years and this is the finest theatre I have ever worked in - bar none" Al Matthews, cast member of Big White Fog 

"The theatre creates a fantastic environment for creativity, experimentation and risk. Done to the highest quality." Ronan Vibert, cast member of Dying For It 

"Probably the most important theatre in London, not least of all for its passion, integrity and courage" Eleanor David, cast member of The Lightning Play 

"Working at the Almeida is like going home. There is such generosity of spirit that it cannot help but infiltrate the work you do there. It is indeed a special place and I can’t wait to go back!" Frances O’Connor, cast member of Tom and Viv


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