Almeida Projects

The Almeida Theatre is as committed as ever, under the direction of Rupert Goold, to ensuring that every child and young person has the opportunity to access its unique theatre.

Through Almeida Projects, the theatre will continue to deliver a broad programme of high quality and innovative activity for, by and with young people. Rupert Goold programmes work that interrogates the present, digs up the past and imagines the future. Almeida Projects does this too, but with young people, predominantly aged 13 to 25. The work aims to:

  • Inspire, challenge and radicalise those responsible for the theatre of the future, from artists to audiences, and simultaneously
  • Energise and empower artists to raise the standard and status of working with young people within the industry.

The Almeida is multi-faceted – a holistic producer of work rather than a presenter of plays – and its work with young people is one of its many, but significant, facets. 

"There is no other programme in London like this. It really does offer opportunities that so many other theatres try to offer but fail."   
– Supporter

Where can I find out more?

Almeida Projects Evaluation 2013/14 [download]

Almeida Projects Evaluation 2012/13 [download]

Almeida Projects Evaluation 2011/12 [download]

Almeida Projects Evaluation 2010/11 [download]

Almeida Projects Evaluation 2009/10 [download]

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The Almeida Theatre endorses the Drama, Theatre and Young People Manifesto


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