MAE Ensemble

Ensemble MAE

New Narratives
Ticket prices: £6 - £15
Sat 12 Jul 2008

Narrativity in music has been regarded by 20th century modernity unfavorably, as an outdated mode of expression. Yet with the rise of visual media in the concert environment the relation between music and non-musical references is on the rise. The concept of ‘absolute music’ has long been under question as paradigm of choice for a younger generation of composers.

In this programme,  Ensemble MAE will present works that deal with the idea of new narratives, how music functions when it is up against stories presented in visual terms or how text might colour how we hear things.


Felipe Waller/ Martha Colburn - Secrets of Mexuality
Robert Ashley – Tapdancing in the Sand
Claudio Baroni/Fabian Macaccio - Abstract Terror
Eric Satie/Cor Fulher - Cinema
Felix Profos - Slow Burns (with video)
Yannis Kyriakides - Dreams of the Blind

The MAE will be performing the music for Ocean Of Rain

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