* * * * "Ullman's excellent performance...commands the tale-spinners eerie universe...Lez Brotherston's set plays cunning variations on the London skyline - the city is never the same place twice."
David Jays, Sunday Times, 25 September
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"Tracey Ullman is excellent in Stephen Poliakoff's spellbinding play."
Sunday Times Culture Critical List, 2 October 2011

* * * * "This production can make one feel, on leaving the theatre, that one is seeing through London to other cities shimmering on its ether…Tracey Ullman is so very disciplined that she compels our attention"
Ian Shuttleworth, Financial Times, 19 September 2011
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* * * * "Welcome back Stephen Poliakoff…the master penman… haunting, contemporary tale of chance encounters and mysterious city nights… an exhilarating sense of a powerful imagination at work…the cast is excellent… Miss Lambert is played by the wonderfully expressive Tracey Ullman."
Aleks Sierz, The Arts Desk, 19 September 2011
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* * * * "And Poliakoff conjures an inner city world of rooftop bars, cellar clubs, night time and tragic interiors with an expressive language of theatrical poetry, superbly realised in the designs of Lez Brotherston, the sound of Ben and Max Ringham and, especially, the lighting of Oliver Fenwick."
Michael Coveney,, 16 September 2011
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(Critic's Choice) "With Lez Brotherston’s haunting skyscape and Ben and Max Ringham’s heartstopping sound and music, it evokes all the surge and vitality and layers of buried past in the dark city … Tracy Ullman, in a career-defining performance as a burnt-out former primary school headmistress, is a king of shaman, walking London streets all night, sleepless."
Libby Purves, The Times, 16 September 2011
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(Pick of The Week Guardian Guide) "The play, like much of Poliakoff’s work, makes you look at the metropolis with fresh eyes … Tracey Ullman, also making an overdue return to the London stage, is charismatic as Miss Lambert."
Michael Billington, The Guardian, 16 September 2011
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"As well as Ullman’s mesmerisingly enigmatic Miss Lambert there is fine support from Sorcha Cusack and the splendidly disconcerting David Troughton as two of her former colleagues, and from Tom Riley and Sian Brooke as their puzzled former pupils."
Charles Spencer, The Daily Telegraph, 16 September 2011
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"Stephen Poliakoff’s elegiac new drama mourns for our childhood selves…Ullman is an utter delight"
Claire Allfree, Metro, 19 September 2011

"Poliakoff’s well-acted production…David Troughton is a tremendously touching mix of boyish enthusiasm and deep, underlying anxiety in the role of Mr Minken…Tracey Ullman brings a born headteacher’s unforced magnetism to Miss Lambert"
Paul Taylor, The Independent, 19 September 2011
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"[Poliakoff] engages with the fading of childhood innocence, the importance of teachers and the horror more mature members of society can feel when confronted with what they have helped to create."
Henry Hitchings, Evening Standard, 16 September 2011
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"Intriguing is a word that sums up this new play by Poliakoff, his first in 12 years. From this initial premise unfolds a highly evocative piece that is part comedy, part thriller, part modern fable. Complex and highly engrossing, it delves into the souls of the characters and asks, what becomes of us all? … In this, the play is as much a homage to the city as a portrait of the lost souls who inhabit it, and Poliakoff paints his picture expertly …Miss Lambert is a wonderful creation, beautifully played by Tracey Ullman."
Caroline Bishop,, 16 September 2011
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The Telegraph interview Stephen Poliakoff about his return to theatre after 12 years of working in film and television.
The Daily Telegraph, 7 September 2011
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Time Out speak to Stephen Poliakoff about his love of London and the power of education which forms the basis of his new play My City.
Time Out, 30 August 2011
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Stephen Poliakoff talks to The Observer about Tracey Ullman's return to the stage for his first new play in 12 years.
The Observer, 24 July 2011
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