When reading a theatre programme, you may be curious about names or job titles you don’t recognise. What do all these people contribute to the production? How do they work together to bring the piece to life? The process of creating theatre demands the skills, energy, time, creativity, patience and teamwork of many. Access All Areas is a chance to peek behind the curtain and into the daily lives of these talented artists and technicians.


These workshops are designed for complete beginners to get an insight into how Theatre works. Each workshop will have a maximum capacity of 10 to allow each participant to get the maximum benefit.


An Introduction to Stage Lighting with Jason Wescombe

This workshop is a brief practical introduction to the component elements involved in stage lighting and the processes undertaken to realise the artistic vision of the lighting designer. We will be covering the different types of lanterns, colour, effects, focussing and plotting as well as some of the artistic interpretation necessary to tie in with the overall design concept of a production.


An Introduction to Wardrobe with Eleanor Dolan (Head of Wardrobe)

The Almeida wardrobe department works very closely with a production’s designer to choose the clothing, accessories and other physical details that give a show visual integrity. Participants will learn more about the creative and practical skills required for tasks such as altering a brand new garment into a piece of costume for a particular show, accessorizing whilst considering practical applications, and assisting from backstage during a performance.


An Introduction to Performance with Juliet Knight (Freelance Director & Workshop Leader)

The rehearsal period allows performers to focus, energise and prime themselves physically and mentally. Through gentle practical exercises and games, this two hour workshop especially designed for non-performers will demonstrate how actors prepare to be onstage. We will explore how actors embody their characters.


An Introduction to Playwriting with Lucy Morrison (Director and Almeida Artistic Associate)

Many of our plays come into being through the commissioning process: the playwright starts with an idea, writes and rewrites, and then develops and shapes that vision in collaboration with the artistic team. The aim of this workshop is to create spontaneous pieces of writing in a similarly supportive environment. This process will gently stimulate some dramatic writing from participants, with a focus on monologues (1 character speaking) and duologues (scenes between 2 characters). The group will come together at the beginning of the day for inspiration, but will disperse to quiet corners of the building to write. During this time, participants will receive some one-to-one support for their writing from Lucy.  


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