Workshops for Young Friends of the Almeida

A Life in a Minute with Inspector Sands
Tue 10, Wed 11 & Thu 12 July, 10am- 2pm*

Inspector Sands incorporate visual, sound, textual and physical elements to create exciting theatre.

This is a unique opportunity to work as part of an inter-generational group made up of Young Friends and over 70s, developing a 5-10 minute performance to be shared on the Almeida stage as part of the Festival. 

You will work through a series of exercises which examine how you can create narratives from the random events and experiences which make up daily life. Exercises will include asking you to draw on your own experiences and look at the different ways the body is used in daily life.

* Participants must commit to all three sessions

Devising workshop with The TEAM
Thu 12 July, 3-6pm

The TEAM is the Theatre of the Emerging American Moment, a New York City-based theatre company who are sharing a scratch performance of their new work RoosevElvis as part of the festival.  

This workshop will provide an opportunity to gain an insight into the TEAM’s process for devising and creating work, and will be of particular interest to those who are attracted to devising their own work. 

How to keep the Pooch Awake with Greyscale
Sat 21 July, 3-6pm

Greyscale make carefully structured, powerfully live, original, interactive and anarchic theatre for a modern audience.

Following on from the incredibly successful show The Rashomon Effect, Greyscale return to work again with Young Friends. Using  Greyscale shows Gods are Fallen and All Safety Gone and A Prayer, this workshop will focus on exploring the ‘liveness’ of performance, considering the relationship between the performer and the audience, as well as making the relationship between the actors live, unpredictable and connected.

Director Selma Dimitrijevic will also undertake a post- workshop Q and A session; answering any practical questions you may have about the theatre industry.

Dance Theatre Workshop with Lost Dog
Sat 28 July, 10am-1pm

Lost Dog aims to bridge the gap between theatre and dance. The company blend text, live music and movement to create work in which dance is framed by stories and characters.

Using their current shows, It Needs Horses and Home for Broken Turns as inspiration, this exciting dance theatre workshop will look at how Lost Dog uses theatrical situations as a basis for creating movement material.  

This workshop will provide an incredible insight into the way Lost Dog fuse dance, movement and theatre.

How to get involved
Workshops are free to Young Friends of the Almeida. To book your place email Natalie Mitchell at

Click here to find out more about becoming a Young Friend of the Almeida.



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