Inside Rehearsals: The Chairs

Take a look inside rehearsals for The Chairs and hear from the cast and director about this exhilarating production. 

Translated and directed by Omar Elerian (Misty), this exhilarating new version of Eugène Ionesco’s tragic farce reflects on a life lived together: on what has been, what might have been, and what it all really means.



Kathryn Hunter: It's a sort of Narnia where you open a door and go somewhere else.

Omar Elerian: The Chairs is about two monumentally old people stranded at the end of time and space.

Marcello Magni: People that have very intense desires. One to help and one to express their own dreams.

Kathryn Hunter: They invent people because there are no people there.

Toby Sedgwick: Things are not what they seem to be.

Kathryn Hunter: They're aided and abetted by a third party, very mysterious and very very funny.

Omar Elerian: When Ionèsco wrote this play, he was teasing the theatre-going audience. I think there's a lot of slapstick that you could trace back to Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. There is the absurdity and the ridiculousness of the Marx Brothers.

Toby Sedgwick: And it has ramifications that are relevant to today. To society, to social media, algorithms, structures. Things that are slowly changing society, I think.

Omar Elerian: It will be equally confusing and surprising and quite exhilarating.

Kathryn Hunter: Along with some good gags I think will be an appeal for the audience.

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