Sun 30 Sep - Mon 1 Oct 2018

Shuffle was a response piece to Dance Nation, exploring the effect of music and song a dance with members of the community.

Director’s Note
"You never know what to expect when you bring together people of all ages and backgrounds. They’ve never met before, they are at very different stages of their lives, some of them have never been on a stage before, and we don’t have a “play” to rehearse with them! We just have the theme of power, both personal and collective, inspired by Dance Nation, our current Almeida play (September 2018).

There’s a lot of trust involved and a lot of openness required! This company have shown both of those things in such an inspiring and extraordinary way. They have shared personal stories, been pushed way out of their comfort zones and showed such incredible bravery. They’ve supported each other through every step of the process, and behave like a family (without the arguments!). It’s been joyful and moving to work with these brilliant people."
- Dani Parr

Creative Team
Director Dani Parr
Assistant Director Jordana Golbourn
Musical Director Suzy Davies
Movement Director Simon Carroll-Jones
Lighting Katie Nicoll
Sound George Lumpkin
Producer Ross Crosby