Spring Awakening Photoshoot

Take a look behind the scenes of the artwork photoshoot for Spring Awakening and hear from some of the cast and director Rupert Goold.

Almeida Artistic Director Rupert Goold (InkAlbion) directs the first London revival of Steven Sater and Duncan Sheik's (American Psycho: A New Musical, Almeida Theatre and Broadway) acclaimed musical, based on the ground-breaking and once-banned 19th century play by Frank Wedekind.



Amara Okereke: I’m really excited to get started.

Laurie Kynaston: Today we are having a photoshoot, it’s the first time that we’ve all properly assembled.

Rupert Goold: There’s immediately a chemistry, something exciting happens and this is the first chance to see that.

Asha Banks: It’s just so exciting. It’s such an amazing, amazing musical, that I’ve loved for so long.

Stuart Thompson: Having waited in anticipation during lockdown to do it, I feel it’s kind of gathered new resonance for us as a company.

Rupert Goold: You know the extraordinary thing with this project, is we were going to be doing it, gosh, well maybe a year and a half ago.

Amara Okereke: It’s kind of like diving right back into the best part of theatre.

Rupert Goold: I think the spirit of Spring Awakening, although it is about sexuality on one level, it’s more fundamentally about that conflict, when young people feel that they have been denied something, or want to change the world. So, it felt timely that way.

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